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If you are having trouble accessing your website and think your IP address might be blocked, then you need to visit this page from the exact same computer you are having trouble accessing your website from.

Your IP address is a set of numbers used to identify your connection to the Internet. An IP address will be assigned to you by your ISP. Most IPs you see today, are IPv4. IPv4 consists of 4 different numbers each 8 bits long, meaning the addresses are 32 bits long. A common IPv4 IP might look like (This is the loopback IP which just identifies yourself).

This page will update to reflect your current IP. This is because when you contact this webserver, the webserver identifies you by your IP address and to do this, it must know what your IP address is. There may be certain instances when a support technician will need your connecting IP address. You can copy and paste your IP as it is listed at the top of this page and send it back to the support technician.